Bumbles & Clover is an online children’s consignment boutique based in Courtenay, BC on beautiful Vancouver Island catering to the modern busy parent. We curate our collection to appeal to a vast sense of style with timeless pieces that are made to last. Many parents prefer to buy their children second-hand clothing, especially when they are little and outgrow everything so quickly. But the challenge is finding time to go through the many racks of clothes at the few thrift stores that exist to find the right items for your children. That is where Bumbles & Clover comes in.

We know that most parents love the convenience of online shopping but lack the options to purchase second-hand clothes online. We do the hard work of building a collection of quality items that have been hand-picked so that you can rest easy knowing when you order from us, quality and condition always come first.


Hi, I’m Carolyn and I’m a busy mom of two young kids. Before I had my first, I loved spending hours perusing the aisles at the local thrift shop looking for hidden treasures for my soon-to-arrive baby. But once I had her, and as she grew out of her clothes, I had to either bring her with me or find time in the evenings to stock up on her new sizes. Neither of these options were much fun for me and I often would turn to convenience and order brand new if I didn’t have time to go searching for specific items.

As she continued to outgrow her clothes, the benefits of second-hand clothing became more and more obvious. Some kids are simply hard on clothes or, like my daughter, seem to outgrow a new item in a matter of weeks. It didn’t make sense to keep buying brand new when there were so many pre-loved options out there that would save us money and keep textiles out of the landfills. I sat on the idea of creating an online boutique for pre-loved children’s clothes for a long time, thinking I would tackle this project when my kids were older. But after COVID-19 hit, I realized the value in having this option online was huge. So here I am, balancing raising a family and running a business and I love it! I hope your children get as much joy out of these pieces as the children before them and that Bumbles & Clover can provide just a little convenience for your busy lives.

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